Abbe Refractor Meter

Abbe Refractor Meter

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Abbe Refractor Meter

 Refractrometer is very prĂ©cised optical instruments, designed for quick and accurate measuring system by the using few droops of liquid. Quite suitable for testing and control of purity/quality suitable for testing and control of purity/quality of oils, sugar, paraffin’s, waxes, animal and plants fats, glycerin, sugar % scale 0-95% brix.

A standard and accurate model of Abbe-Refractrometer for measurement of refractive index, dispersion and sugar concentration scale reading up to third decimal, but can be easily estimated to fourth decimal place complete in wooden box.

Technical Speciation

Measuring range           :        nD 1.3000 to nD 1.7000

Accuracy                       :        0.0001

Sugar percentage          :        0 to 95% in steps or 1 div.

Dispersion                     :        nD 0.0005.