Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture
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Hospital Furniture

Standard Steel manufacture a wide range of hospital furniture with heavy grade of material. these furniture are ofter made with stainless steel or ms iron . our offered hospital furniture are as follows:-


·         Hospital Furniture: Baby Bassinet, Bed Side Screen, Over Bed Tables, Patient Stool Revolving, Wheel Chair, Foot Step Single, Hospital Step Stool, Single Foot Step, Foot Step Double, Double Foot Step, Hospital Step Stool Double, Double Foot Stool, Over Bed Table, Cardiac Table, Bed Side Table, Blood Donor Chair, Bed Side Screen, Ward Screen, Kick Bucket, Hospital Kick Bucket, Steel Kick Bucket, Kick Bucket Stand

·         Hospital Beds: Pediatric Bed, Cholera Bed, ICU Bed, Hospital Recovery Bed, Semi Fowler Bed, Full Fowler Bed, Hospital Intensive Care Unit Bed, Hospital Semi Fowler Bed, Hospital Patient Bed, Electric Hospital Bed, Hoospital Plain Bed, Baby Cot

·         Hospital Trolley: Instrument Trolley, Emergency Stretcher Trolley, Crash Cart Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Hospital Dressing Trolley, Surgical Trolley, Hospital Instrument Trolley, Medicine Trolley, Medication Trolley, Cylinder Trolley, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Steel Trolley, Drug Trolley, Mayo's Instrument Trolley, Mayo Trolley

·         Delivery Table: Obstetric Delivery Bed, Gynecological Examination Table, Obstetric Delivery Chair, Gynecological Bed, Delivery Table, Obstetric Gynae Labour Table, Labor Table, Telescopic Delivery Table, Hospital Delivery Table, Birthing Table, Steel Delivery Bed, Telescopic Delivery Bed, Delivery/ Gynecology Bed, Folding Delivery Table, Gynecology Examination Bed

·         Folding Stretcher/Portable Stretcher

·         IV Stand: Saline Stand, Glucose Bottle Stand, Hospital IV Stand

·         Wheelchair: Folding Wheelchair, Patient Wheelchair

·         Hospital Cabinet: Bed Side Locker, Bed Side Cabinet, Medicine Cabinet, Hospital Side Cabinet, Instrument Cabinet

·         Hospital Stretcher: Patient Stretcher Trolley, Emergency Stretcher, Patient Transfer Trolley, Hospital Stretcher, Recovery Stretcher Trolley

·         Revolving Stool: Hospital Revolving Stool, Stainless Steel Revolving Stool, Visitor Stool, Stainless Steel Stool, Laboratory Stool

·         Examination Couch: Examination Table, Hospital Couch, Patient Examination Table

·         Autopsy Table: Folding Autopsy Table, Post Mortem Table, Folding Postmortem Table

·         Hospital Equipment: Blood Bank, Autoclaves, Oven

·         Laboratory Furniture: Chemical Trolley, Laboratory Cabinet, Instrument Cabinet, Drug Cabinet, Industrial Trolley

·         Operating Table: Hydraulic OT Table, C ARM OT Table, Orthopedic Table

·         Operation Theater Light: Mobile OT Light, Surgical OT Light, Hospital Light, Shadowless Hospital Light, 4 Reflector Ceiling OT Light, Hospital Operating Light, Double Dome OT Light, Shadow less Operating Light, Infra Red Lamp

·         Blood Bank Equipment: Blood Bank Refrigerator, Centrifuge Machine, Doctor Centrifuge Machine, Blood Sample Mixer, Electrical Blood Donor Couch, Hospital Blood Donor Couch, Blood Donor Chair

·         Medical Equipment: Fumigator, Baby Warmer, Autoclave, Surgical Instrument


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