Trinacular Phase Contrast Microscope

Trinacular  Phase Contrast Microscope
Product Description

 Trinacular  Phase Contrast Microscope

 Product Overview

·         Rechargeable Battery Powered Variable Intensity LED

·         High Power Compound Binocular Microscope!

·         Great Scope for Students, Teachers, Hobbiests, or for anyone wanting to learn more about the Micro World!

·         Clear and Bright Biological Images through Premium Optics!

·         Great Economical Price! Priced Hundreds Lower than Competition!

·         Eyepiece Details - Magnification

·         Eight Choices of Microscopic Magnification: 100x, - 1000x,

·         Microscope kit includes two eyepiece sets to vary magnification: Wide Field 10x and 16x.

·         Plan Achromat objectives:, 10x,20x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion lens).

·         The 40x and 100x microscope objectives have a spring to protect the glass specimen slide as well as the lens.


·         Variable Intensity Transmitted Base Illumination.

·         LED Bulbs for Bright and Efficient Illumination.

·         Rechargeable Battery Powered Electrical System.(12 to 16 hour)

 Microscope Head Features

·         Binocular Microscope head on ergonomic 30 degree viewing angle with capablity to rotate head 360 degrees.

·         The interpupilliary distance, distance between the microscope eye tubes, adjusts from 55 to 75mm to fit each user.

·         Both ocular eyetubes have a diopter adjustment allowing for correction of vision through the microscope optics.

 Substage Light Condenser and Filters

·         Abbe substage light condenser with 1.25 numerical aperature, condenser focusing knob, filter holder and iris light diaphragm. These microscope parts allow for optimal focusing and control of light on the specimen.

·         Light filters include blue.

 Specimen Focusing Details

·         Coarse focusing knobs move microscope stage up and down with a travel range of 20mm.

·         Fine focusing adjustment knob with division of 0.002mm movement.

·         Coarse focusing tension can be adjusted.

·         Stage travel has adjustable screw to limit movement.

·         This can be set to protect microscope objective and slide from coming too close.

 Included Items

·         Includes: Instruction Manual, Bottle of Immersion Oil, and Fuse.


Key Features:

·         A complete turret phase contrast kit for infinity compound microscopes

·         Phase contrast turret iris diaphragm condenser

·         CT lens

·         Four phase contrast infinity Plan objectives, 10x, 20 x, 40x and 100x

·         Mounting size of condenser: 37mm in diameter.


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