Vertical Deep Freezer

Vertical Deep Freezer

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Vertical Deep Freezer

Double walled with inner cabinet made of S.S. And outer of thick CRC sheet duly enamel painted.

Temperature range from ambient to -20°C is achieved by hermetically sealed compressor.

The gap between the inner and outer wall is filled with high grade mineral glass wool to avoid thermal loss. Body is mounted On a sturdy angle iron frame and is mounted on castor wheels. Unit is fitted with Solid State Digital Temperature Indicator- cum-Controller. Vertical Chest type models are supplied in a single compartment whereas vertical models are supplied with three stainless steel storing shelves.

Available Models of Vertical Deep freezer

Model No

Product Description

Capacity in Liter


Vertical Deep Freezer - 4Cuft -

Vertical Deep Freezer -113 Liter


Vertical Deep Freezer- 6Cuft.

Vertical Deep Freezer-169 Liter


Vertical Deep Freezer - 10Cuft

Vertical Deep Freezer-282 Liter


Vertical Deep Freezer - 12Cuft

Vertical Deep Freezer-339 Liter


Vertical Deep Freezer -15Cuft

Vertical Deep Freezer- 424 Liter